Renowned for rugged mountain ranges, rich cultural heritage and breathtaking scenic views, the Grampians National Park is ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities. With over 52 walks around the area, plus plenty of guided tours there is ample opportunity to explore the grampians in its entirety.

Some of the more popular walks and areas of interest in the Southern Grampians include Mount Sturgeon, Mount Abrupt, Picanninny and the Chimney Pots.



The steep track winds its way through heathy woodland and over rock slabs to the summit. Enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the National Park.Rising gradually as it heads north toward nearby Signal Peak (780 metres), the trail swings suddenly to the south-west and follows an escarpment rim toward Mount Abrupt. Once there, take in the wonderful views of the Serra Range to the north and over Dunkeld in the south. Keep an eye open for wedge-tailed eagles, nankeen kestrels and peregrine falcons.


Mt Sturgeon (Wurgarri) Walk

 This walk, suitable for fit and energetic walkers, can involve water crossings, slippery track surfaces and rock hopping. Follow the path up through open woodland. Several steep sections lead through rocky terrain and stunted vegetation towards the top. The summit offers panoramic views of the surrounding ranges and volcanic plains, and over Dunkeld, gateway to the southern Grampians. Return by the same route.  


The Picaninny (Bainggug) Walk

 This track is a gradual climb through open forest that provides stunning wildflower displays during Spring. The summit provides excellent views of Dunkeld and Mount Abrupt. Steep track winds its way through healthy woodland to a ridge lookout.  


Dunkeld Arboretum

  You will find an Arboretum at the end of a pleasant walk along the small creek through the town. This well-loved sanctuary has been cleverly planned, the walking track meanders past hundreds of trees including many giant red gums. Central to the area is a series of small lakes that are crossed by several bridges. It is a walk that will take you on both a physical and mental journey. What could be better than watching the end of the day from the small pier with a stunning view of Mount Abrupt.


Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel

Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel opened in October 2017 and has been built in a new location on the Dunkeld property, positioned to provide stunning views of the Southern Grampians. The restaurant has been designed to create a strong connection between the land and the dining table. The menu is illustrative of the seasonal expression of the micro-climate of Dunkeld.


Dunkeld Historical Museum

The Dunkeld & District Historical Museum is a museum of social history of the Dunkeld district. The collection encompasses artefacts from settlement to recent times including an early aboriginal display, exploration by Major Mitchell, history of the wool industry, the baking industry, telecommunications, the effects of the World Wars on Dunkeld district, links with Dunkeld in Scotland and various other items of memorabilia.     

The Museum in Wills street is open to the public on Sundays and public holidays, or by arrangement for groups and tours.


Dunkeld Memorial Park Playground

Located opposite the Visitor Information Centre in the centre of town, Memorial Park caters for the whole family and is all you need for the perfect play area. The post office, newsagency, takeaway shop, garage and art galleries are conveniently located within easy walking distance to the park.